Meet princess. A cute little purebred Pekingese. Princess was brought to me because she has a medical condition that people did not want.  She tilts her head back-and-forth. It’s a neurological’s not all the time.  She has been seen by a vet and there is nothing to be done about it. She is happy and gets along just fine, princess is very sweet, very loving, affectionate and likes to play with her toys. Follow around the other dogs and chase around the chickens in a curious way. She likes the couch she likes to sleep on your bed and she likes to watch TV with you and cuddle up next to your leg. She’s a very sweet and easy-going dog. That would be great for any family. her adoption fee is 350 and covers her first sets of shots or warmer microchip and a $100 reimbursement after her Spay And Neuter is completed. We provide insurance that covers 80% of the steakhouse gives you a $3000 Comprehensive and helps pay for the Initial vet visits. If you are interested in adoption, please give us a call.