My Buddy

Meet Buddy. Buddy was originally bought from a breeder for the intended purpose of having him and his brother be service dogs for emotional support. Buddy has been through a few basic classes and good citizens including the star program. Buddy has not had any official training for emotional support or service dog training. Our trainer ended up getting cancer and our program ended. So we decided to let Sunny and Buddy be adopted for companionship. Although they have had quite a bit of training they have had all of their services and a year of love from our organization, r we felt best for buddy to be adopted to a wonderful family hopefully with lots of children so he can be the funny playful charismatic dog he was born to be. There has been quite a large investment in both of these dogs. Although the intended purpose was to have insurance pay for their training we decided to keep the adoption fee fairly low so that they would be available to normal families. We still do need to recover a portion of the money we have invested into each dog. Adoption fee for Sunny is 1200 and will cover all of his services his training and will also cover training classes still pending in his name. Sunny has all of his services and is ready to start his new forever home. If you are interested in adoption you may submit pictures of your family your home and a short description of your lifestyle and environment. We will be choosing very specific homes for these dogs. We want them to have very fun and active lifestyles with lots of outdoor activities camping trips to the lake and lots of love and family time. Please do not feel offended if we do not choose your family. These dogs have been a part of my family for the last year and it is extremely hard for us to adopt them but we know that it is best for them to find a new home.  We are also hoping to find a family that is willing to stay in contact with the other brother so they can see each other once in a while. If you are interested in adoption please give us a call at 530-643-1107. Please submit your information before you call.