I am please to share with you this very exciting news! The 1 love spay & neuter project! we are looking to raise 250,000 to help buy and staff the truck. we are hoping with this truck we will be able to take it to all the places we take dogs from. I will be posting lots of updates and details soon. Please help share this information. I will soon be posting the event and tickets go on sale tomorrow for our fundraiser event in July! details soon to come. We are looking for a 1 love Staff! If you want to work on this project, or have ideas or ways to raise money, or can help in any way, WE WANT YOU!!! 1 love is also for now looking for a volunteer office manager. It will soon turn to a paid job. Please please help share this info! more info soon to come. Please Share!!!! You never know who might see the post.

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