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1 Love Spay & Neuter mobile clinic The love Project.

Come and help create an amazing new clinic for the 1 love rescue project.

Amazing new project for 1 love soon to be announced!

Our little hoarder dogs

I received a phone call from a lady who had recently lost her fiancé. He passed away and left 16 little mixed dogs and her care. Overwhelmed with the responsibility she was looking for a way to help The dogsour rescue stepped in and took responsibility. We were then financially responsible for the spay and neuter her and medical services of all of these little dogs. We have already placed three and new homes and are asking ourpublic to spread the news around to help us try to find these little dogs a forever home.  We are still in need of donations to help complete the rest of their medical services. If anybody would like to help please use our donation button to help us help these wonderful little dogs.