Our Mission

This nonprofit was started with the mission to save dogs and puppies at the source. We needed to find them before they got to new breeders, unfit owners or to those who would do them harm. People sell their dogs for a price thinking it will secure the dog a good home. That is hardly ever the case. Additionally, knowing how crowded shelters are today we wanted to save them from the almost certain fate of euthanasia resulting from the inability for shelters to house and feed all of the animals that people could not or did not want to continue to maintain. Once we have completed all health and safety checks on the dogs, we then attempt to properly re-home them with responsible loving families.

The specific purpose of this corporation is dedicated to saving dogs prior to them being bought and sold on the internet by back yard breeders and prior to dogs or their offspring being placed into shelters. Our ultimate goal would be to stop all dogs and puppies being sold or adopted without being spayed and neutered first, or from going to shelters. At a minimum reduce the number to insure humane treatment of the animals and reduce the number being euthanized. We sterilize, vaccinate, microchip and DE-worm all dogs we locate and then work to find good homes for them. We specialize in pregnant dogs and puppies, German Shepherds, Labs, Golden retrievers, Poodles and all hounds: Basset hounds, Dachshund, Coon hounds, and all other breeds. Where there is a dog in need we will come.

We believe that no dog should have to wait for a rescue. All dogs should have a chance from the beginning. People are out to breed for money, not for the love of dogs. They will sell a dog to anyone, mostly other breeders. We drive all over to find these precious pups. We do have to pay re-homing fees to most people thinking they are properly re-homing a dog. We do this to insure the dogs will have a good life and will be sterilized, vaccinated and micro-chipped. This insures the dog is always accounted for and not making more puppies. We do not advocate what people do, but we are here to make sure that the dogs that they do bring into this world, have a real life with people who only seek companionship. Then in turn, we offer to spay their dogs, Take their breeder dog into our rescue or help provide info as to where the dog can be spayed at low to no costs. We collect all the dogs we can in any want we can to help all dogs out there to live a normal life of not having litter after litter, we want them only to be someones companion.

Our focus is all and every dog in need of a good home, or on their way to a shelter, or being sold to breeders. We work directly with the public to help re-home their dogs as an alternative to shelters, or selling a dog to the random public. We drive long distances to save these precious animals, from Sacramento North to Redding, South to Bakersfield and L.A. west to the Bay Area and all points in between. We will soon be reaching into new states when we get some funding. If you are looking for a companion who will provide you with unconditional love and affection, Please give us a call, A forever friend is waiting for you. Every dog of every breed deserves a chance at life. Please Spay and Neuter your pets. Microchip them and REGISTER your dog, so they always find their way home to you. Your pets life depends on it.

1 Love 1 Heart Lets get together and save some paws.